Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance (O & M) of the StormCreteTM SystemOperation & Maintenance (O & M) of the StormCreteTM System has several key advantages over other porous/permeable surfaces on the market. Precast: StormCrete has consistent permeability because it is precast in a controlled environment. Porous: The entire surface area of the unit is porous as opposed to only the joints of “permeable paver” products (the joints provide a factor of savings. Replaceable: StormCrete units (one or several) can be easily removed and replace in the event of plugging, damage or spill. Even with these advantages, all porous surfaces require ongoing maintenance to preserve permeability and service life. Typically, a minimum amount of planning and regular maintenance is more effective than rehabilitation.

Regular Inspection
Regular inspection of the StormCrete System is critical to developing a site specific maintenance program. Inspection should be performed several times in the first few months and then 2-4 times per year depending upon the intensity of use. Surfaces should be inspected for any deficiencies and accumulated sediment. Perimeter should be inspected for erosion and possible run-on situations. Inspection logs should be kept.

Routine Maintenance
Routine MaintenanceAs mentioned above, even with the advantages of the StormCrete System, all porous surfaces require some maintenance to preserve permeability and service life. A minimum amount of planning and regular maintenance is more effective than surface rehabilitation or replacement.

Surfaces should be vacuumed at least 2 times per year. More may be necessary based on site conditions. Well maintained Regenerative Air Vacuum sweeping equipment is recommended. Operator experience and training on both equipment and porous surfaces is essential.

Rehabilitation, Repairs, and Replacement
Small areas of clogging can be rehabilitated using focused vacuum and water pressure. If in-situ rehabilitation is not successful the StormCrete unit can be removed for additional rehab techniques (soaking, air or water pressure applied from the underside of unit, light vibration / percussion, etc). In the event of wide-spread clogging, damage, or spill the unit can be removed and replaced in almost any weather, any time of the year.

Winter Maintenance / Snow Removal
Winter operations of porous surfaces differ slightly from traditional impervious pavement. Plow edges should be well maintained and equipped with shoes. Where possible, plow passes should be made at a 45-degree angle to the slab joints. Sand should not be applied to StormCrete surfaces. The minimum amount of deicer should be used due to the stormwater function of the StormCrete System. Due to the low water to cement ratio in porous concrete, StormCrete tends to be resistant to deicing chemicals. Again, contractor training is critical to the longevity of the StormCrete System.

In cold weather climates, porous surfaces are particularly sensitive to sediment buildup. As an integral part of the SMS, the longevity and effectiveness of this significant capital investment is directly related to its care and maintenance.

We manage porous pavement as we do the entire stormwater system. We document condition and performance and restore surfaces as needed. Please e-mail us to meet your site specific O & M needs.

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