Due to the modular nature of Stormcrete™ - installation of the units is straightforward and cost effective, taking advantage of reduced labor and energy costs. No special lifting equipment is required to offload or the place the units. The units are precast and cured in a controlled environment and at a minimum are delivered at 85% of their total compressive strength and a flow rate of approximately 250”/hr – allowing them to be parked on or loaded immediately after placement. Since they are cured at the factory, they can be placed year round, in almost any type of weather or temperature conditions.

  • Can be installed any time of year in almost any type of weather
  • Modular and Lightweight - can be placed rapidly by most types of small equipment
  • Precast - minimizes labor (i.e. cost) required for placement
  • Ready for use on the same day installed
  • No loose stone in joints
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Stormcrete Installation Video #1

Stormcrete Installation Video #2