Precast Pervious Concrete

Modular Porous Concrete

** Precast under controlled conditions — reproduceable strength and flow characteristics

** Porous sections are removable and reusable - sections can be easily replaced

** Reduced life cycle costs vs. poured-in-place porous


** Green Infrastructure - provides runoff reduction

** Can be cost-effectively retrofitted into existing designs

** Parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, gutter lines, etc.

Easy Installation

** Slabs arrive on site pre-cured - traffic ready immediately

** Installs year-round in any type of weather

** Lightweight, can be placed by most small equiptment

Porous Technologies
United States Patent Pending



• Stormwater Quality/Quanity
• Green Infrastructure
• Retrofit - Watershed Restoration
• Groundwater Recharge
• CSO Volume Reduction

Precast Porous Concrete   Porous sections
Concrete provides durable surface   Residential driveways
minimizes labor cost during installation   Easy Installation